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Changes to the ledgersmb.org website

Hi John,

In preparation of the 1.5 release, I've been looking at ways to publish installation instructions and notes. While doing so, I found that there wasn't really a structure for showing installation instructions on the ledgersmb.org site. Under the Documentation menu item in the Main menu, there's now an "Installation" link which points to http://ledgersmb.org/installation. It's a new view I created by collecting all contents of type "Article" with the tag "Installation".

Would you say that that's the right way to go? Or should I have created a separate content type? I'm thinking that may be overkill.

One thing that I've noted and never brought up before: I think the "user picture" on each article is *way* too big. It takes up a lot of valuable screen estate. Can we do away with it in the teaser layout, only showing the textual submission data (user and date)? Then maybe shrink the image to 4ems-width max, with the submission data on the right of it, instead of on the next row? (Saves some vertical more screen estate.)

In my browser I added two rules to achieve the bit of the user picture in the regular ("Content") view:

.user-picture img {
    width: 4em;
.user-picture {
    display: inline-block;

I was able to achieve the bit I mean about the teaser section with this rule:

.node-teaser .meta.submitted img {
    display: none;
    border-radius: 3px;   // the pictures look a lot more friendly when I add that

I hope you all agree this step makes the site's content much more accessible; an improvement.

Could you put these into effect?



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