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ledgersmb.org traffic analysis & SourceForge AddOns repository

Hi all,

Over the years, a number of AddOns have been developed for LedgerSMB 1.3. These are stored at SourceForge in the AddOns repository.  These probably haven't been updated enough to be applicable to 1.4.

Now, why do I start about this? I'm wondering if we should move these to GitHub (and if so, how). The thing being: of the 600 hits on the features page in April, 50%(!) went to check the add-ons repository.

That suggests 2 things, I'd say:
 (1) It seems like we have a hidden treasure here: I wasn't aware it could be as important to peolpe as it apparently is to have (the right) add-ons
 (2) Currently these add-ons haven't been moved to GitHub - left on SourceForge for reference and getting stale

Should we move the add-ons to GitHub?
If so: How? Each add-on its own repository? All Add-ons in a single repository?



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