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Preparing 1.5-rc1 documentation / analysing where to put the various docs

Before starting to write the various docs, while thinking where to put them, I decided to have a look at our webtraffic (made available by our Drupal hoster Freelock.com: http://piwik.freelock.com/).

In April, nearly 60% of our traffic entered the site through the front page. Funny fact: of the remaining 40%, nearly all traffic enters the site at one specific FAQ item: "What's the difference between a sales order and a sales invoice".

Out of total traffic on the front page, 20% goes straight to download, 20% goes to inspect the features page and 20% goes to the demo page. Only 6% goes to the documentation pages.

Would it be a valid conclusion that apparently the website isn't a good place to write our documentation?

Or would a better conclusion be that we're apparently not referring to any existing documentation on the site from sources that people have access to?

I can imagine both to be the case, really. In order to be able to take the next step the above leaves me wondering: if we put summarized installation instructions in the release package and more extensive ones on the site, we can adjust the installation instructions after the release -- e.g. based on user experience. I like that idea a lot.

In a way, I'm feeling like I'm designing/architecting again :-) This time our information structure. So, I'd *love* to get some feedback on this topic.



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