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Re: Do we have enough fixes for 1.4.27?

Hi Chris,

[ snip ]

At the moment Printing to Printer will pass a PDF file to lpr which is
likely not supported out of the box on most setups.
Also, we really shouldn't require xelatex be installed (which the bugs
in LaTeX::Driver do at the moment) It's a huge download if you don't
need it, and it also breaks if used with latex templates that are not
valid xelatex.

I thought I had all the test cases that required xetex fixed.

Can you explain what you mean by that? We're not talking about running tests, really. What David was referring to is that he's seeing XeLaTeX being the only formatter ever being invoked (at least in our code, which could be the latex filter which isn't playing nice here).

I'm back to working on getting these bugs resolved, so hopefully we can
have it ready to test within the next 24 hours.

I don't think we should delay LedgerSMB for upstream packages though.  If there are enough fixes for 1.4.27, I think that should be separate from whether we are releasing LaTeX::Driver.

That, nor should we delay over things that are not immediate regressions in the version slated for release (relative to the last published release). I'll create RC1 tomorrow night.



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