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Do we have enough fixes for 1.4.27?


We have a number of fixes to go for 1.4.27, including a new SQL Ledger 3.0 migration.

There's a blocking issue though () which depends on a new release of LaTeX::Driver. I've created a PR (https://github.com/Template-Toolkit-Latex/LaTeX-Driver/pull/5) for LaTeX::Driver to resolve the CGI-setup breakage for which there's no workaround.

With this state, I think a release of LaTeX::Driver is warrented and we should proceed to release 1.4.27. Then for 1.4.28, we can work on resolving the "other" issue in LaTeX::Driver for which there's no workaround (lack of ability to generate PostScript output).

So, are we "GO" for 1.4.27?




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