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Re: After Dojo widgets tree reorg, now move ./LedgerSMB* into ./lib/*?


> If we make this conditional on the merge of the MC branch, then an important question is if we have an outlook as to the solution of the required data migration from non-MC to MC. As long as we don't have a good solution there, I'm thinking we shouldn't hold back changes conditionally.
> I'd like to put it differently: if we postpone this until after 1.5 then is there a good reason why we would *not* want to have this in 1.5 whereas that reason doesn't apply to 1.6?

I am worried about tests and tooling.

Ok. I've actually created a branch with the move, which was easy enough. It's in my repository on the 'create-lib' branch. I'm running into a few things we will run into when users decide to install LedgerSMB in their Perl local distro directories (/usr/local/share/perl/5.xx/LedgerSMB...):

1. The "contact.pm" script hard codes plugins to be stored relative to the cwd (instead of relative to itself or some other module)
2. The X12 (EDI) code has a similar issue with retrieval of its configuration

I'm thinking these modules should use Module::Runtime's module_notional_name() function to look up the directory they've been loaded from and reference plugins/configurations/etc relative to that path. Wouild that be an idea? (I'm using the same technique in Test::BDD::Cucumber to find step_files associated with extensions.)

> If this really is about merging pain, then I'm thinking we should create a copy-repo, create the move on master and then try to merge that to MC and see if it works or completely falls down. Does that work for you?

Yes that is fine.   Might also be worth playing with in a branch for discussion and review purposes

If you want to play with it, please have a go. Before we can continue, I'll need to resolve the items (1) and (2) mentioned. What about my proposed solution?



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