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1.5.0-beta4 over due / consequences for RC1?


The 1.5.0-rc1 milestone is set for the middle of January,  with the last beta to be released by the end of December last year.

Obviously, we didn't make the deadline for last year :-) There are still 3 bugs open that are marked 'blocking', after I triaged some to be solved by RC1 and others even later.

With these 3 bugs still open (1 documentation, 2 real code changes, one of which I think even needs a bit of design), I'm wondering: should we reschedule the release of 1.5.0-RC1? If so, by how many days/weeks? Or should we defer the Sqitch-like (or really sqitch) idea to 1.6 and just solve the documentation issue and the broken Salary screens?




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