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Re: 1.5.0-beta4 over due / consequences for RC1?


On 01/02/2016 01:44 PM, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hi,
> The 1.5.0-rc1 milestone is set for the middle of January, with the 
> last beta to be released by the end of December last year.
> Obviously, we didn't make the deadline for last year :-) There are 
> still 3 bugs open that are marked 'blocking', after I triaged some to 
> be solved by RC1 and others even later.
> With these 3 bugs still open (1 documentation, 2 real code changes, 
> one of which I think even needs a bit of design), I'm wondering: 
> should we reschedule the release of 1.5.0-RC1? If so, by how many 
> days/weeks? Or should we defer the Sqitch-like (or really sqitch) idea 
> to 1.6 and just solve the documentation issue and the broken Salary 
> screens?

I think you've gotten little comment because nobody's actually gotten to 
the point of actually using it... given all the setup challenges, I 
think it's only now getting to the point where it's getting there...

But I think it's got a ways to go before it can be considered an RC.

It looks great, I like how speedy it is, and I can see that it's coming 
along nicely. But I just tried to do the common things I do in Ledger 
day in and day out, and I couldn't complete any task other than some 

I just filed a slew of issues of what I've found so far -- but most of 
the workflows we do, I couldn't even get very far, I'm sure there's a 
bunch more.

I did try the current HEAD of the master branch, and the UI wouldn't 
even render. I had to go back to 1.5-beta3 to get the screen to load up, 
so that's what the feedback is for.

Regarding environment, I did this all in the latest Docker container, 
against an older copy of our production database from 1.4.

It could be there's something related to my environment -- if so, please 
do comment on the Docker environment as built here: 

... if anyone else wants to spin up a version to test with, the Docker 
image is getting fairly useful for getting up and running quickly 
(though note that it's a 1GB download for the full image, the first time 
you download it). Here are some variations you can use to start the 
container with different configurations, in addition to the "from 
scratch/with Postgres docker container" instructions on the Docker Readme:

### New docker container pointing to existing Postgres server:

 > docker run -e POSTGRES_HOST= -v 
/home/john/git/LedgerSMB:/srv/ledgersmb -p 5000:5000 

(Make sure you're using a backup copy of your main database!!!)

Use the -e POSTGRES_HOST switch to point to an IP address or hostname of 
your postgres server. Or, you can use --link postgres-container-name to 
use a Postgres Docker container. If you're running your own Postgres, 
make sure to allow access in your pg_hba.conf file for the docker 
container's IP address. Note that this gets set up when the container is 
started, but only if there is no ledgersmb.conf file already -- if you 
are mounting a local dev copy, you may need to set this yourself.

Use the -v /path/to/localcopy:/srv/ledgersmb to use the Docker container 
purely for dependencies, and mount a local copy of the LedgerSMB git 
tree. This is very useful for development. Remember to restart the 
Docker container (or start a new one) after making changes that might 
get cached.

The -p switch exports port 5000 to the host's network stack so you can 
log in at http://localhost:5000/login.pl, or run setup at 

You can also pass a --name lsmb to name the container "lsmb" for easier 
management. And if you want to gain a shell inside the container, you 
can get it with "docker exec -ti lsmb bash".

So... in short, I would say 1.5 is on the cusp of between an alpha and a 
beta release -- it's a ways from being a release candidate, as you can't 
actually get work done. It is coming along nicely, though, and may come 
together quickly. But for now, I think an RC has to wait.

John Locke

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