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Re: contrib/replication still applicable?

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 07:06:05PM +0100, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

> > Moving this to utils/ claims it as LSMB code. Since you consider it for
> > deletion, putting in as supported code seems wrong.

> meaning "claim it as LSMB code" isn't quite clear to me, nor is the meaning

Property rights were not what I meant--merely that as a user I, and others,
will not expect the contrib code to meet the standards of quality nor to
receive the support that the rest of LSMB code does.  contrib is the place
to put the oddments which are too unsound, too far off-mission, too obscure, 
or have too small an audience to be in LSMB proper.

I tend to think about this differently.  First, any significant
change is going to be invading the code.

2nd, the directory fits in 2/3 of a 24x80 screen, so is not bad.  In a
GUI this is somewhat inconvenient, unless you can remove icons from a 
list or grid.

3rd, if users are not familiar with what contrib is, then a contrib/README is
indicated.  If that is true, the entire h2xs directory structure is likely
not understood.  Do those people care about this?

4th, Chris Travers was talking about the idea of LSMB as a deliverable 
presumably made from a directory tree like what now exists.  If that is going 
to go forward, a interim change will become moot.  This and 1 make a good
case for doing little.

5th, is it personal?  When I'm irked by this, I have created a directory 
to stand in for the project directory.  Everything in /opt/lsmb is
symlinked here, some of those links would be pushed down into sub-dir's.
"Have your mess and clean it, too."

6th, how does this effect the untar-over-lsmb upgrade process.

My guess is that it should wait for a major refactoring.  

> and too many items in the top-level directory is very much undesirable: we
> want first and new users to understand where they landed and visitors of
> our github repository to be able to see our README on their first screen -

Oh! for the days King ASCII, he knew how to keep order!

I agree with your issue, but at present I discount its importance.  These
are very small snags in a difficult effort.  The other issue you raised 
is far more important.  I'll reply there.


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