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1.5 beta 2 released

Hi everyone.

We have released beta 2 of 1.5.  A number of blocking changes have been fixed since beta 1.  We expect beta 3 in approx 4 weeks.

Please take a look.

The release can be downloaded from sourceforge at

These are the sha256 checksums of the uploaded files:
68b013f4d3988c8c8566db5b0b905f1ba894940a9eb5f3fe7c9db75869f17f1b  ledgersmb-1.5-beta2.tar.gz
62d0a971d9217eee87b66717609825ed54ab03ae153dfb548b441dd4be5b6243  ledgersmb-1.5-beta2.tar.gz.asc

The Changelog for 1.5 currently stands as:

Changelog for 1.5 Series

UI changes:
* LedgerSMB now frameless (ChrisT)
* Full use of Dojo widgets (ErikH)
* LSMB reports and screens can now be bookmarked (Chris T)

Code Cleanup:
* LedgerSMB now relies on plack.  Previous stub scripts removed (ChrisT)
* Removed LedgerSMB's custom dojo page loader (ErikH)
* Removed dependency on Class::Struct (Chris T)

API Enhancements:
* Moved a great deal of code into PGObject framework on CPAN (Chris T)

Quality assurance:
* Assurance of completeness of 'use'-tested source files (ErikH)
* Extended 'use'-tests to cover full set of source files (ErikH)
* New tests validating source code requirements, such as (ErikH)
  - Reject code using certain modules (Data::Dumper, Carp::Always, ...)
  - Reject code which doesn't meet certain formatting
  - Reject code which uses certain constructs

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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