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New branch: master-mc [a forward-port of 1.4-mc]

Hi all,

This weekend, I've taken the time to forward-port all the 1.4-mc work onto the master branch, resulting in a master-mc branch in my repository.

My plans are to keep this branch in sync with master, with an extremely preferred workflow to have fixes on master first, then merge to 1.4 and master-mc and from master-mc to 1.4-mc.

I'm expecting the master-mc branch to be branched into a 1.5-mc branch alongside the 1.5 branch similarly to 1.4-mc now existing alongside 1.4. Then, early in the 1.6 development cycle, I'm envisioning the branch to be merged into master. The time remaining between the master-mc merge and the 1.6 release, I'm expecting to spend on development of test infrastructure, UI improvements (including the services required) and upgrade/migration scripts.

In order to give the branch its required hours of use, I expect to start using it in production pretty soon. Although I'll be using it, any bug reports are still very welcome of course.

Question: currently, the 1.4-mc and master-mc branches reside in my repository only. Do we want to move these to the main repository? [I've tried creating a new "LedgerSMB-mc" repository within LedgerSMB org in order to be able to run branches by the same names, but creating a second repo within the same org turns out to be impossible.]

Comments welcome.



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