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Re: Proposal regarding 1.6

On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 05:20:25AM +0200, Chris Travers wrote:

> Long run for the financial rewrite we need a few things:

> 1.  Payments need to be first-class transactions.


> 2.  We would have much better performance and clearer code if the journal
> tables were unified or split off in better ways.


> So that means getting off the current SQL-Ledger perl code and db design.

My last look at the general journal showed it to be limited to GL accounts.
That forces actions into other documents creating security issues.

You should be able to adjust anything with a GJ entry.  Starting there,
leaves the other journals' documents to be viewed as GJ entries with
constrained interactions between various detail lines and a parent account 
for the document.

Time to look at dancer.


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