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Proposal regarding 1.6

Hi all;

I have been thinking a bit regarding ways forward.  In particular the financial rewrite never seems to go the way I would like it to.

We have at least one important feature slated for 1.6, and that is the multi-currency improvements Erik has been working on.  I would like to suggest we do one other thing as well, namely finish App::LedgerSMB::Admin and App::LedgerSMB::Admin::Web, and use these to replace the current setup.pl.

Work that is left to do here is to add a setup wizard and add user management functions to the web interface.  A major advantage would be an ability to manage multiple LedgerSMB instances from one console, better command line management, and restful interfaces for core administrative functions.

Also, version 1.x of the admin interface uses jquery and templates in a fairly old-fashioned way.  We may want to move to dojo there and start a 2.x branch of this.

That would allow us to remove

and maybe a little more.

I would also like to suggest we look closely at one of the following areas (would be interested in hearing where folks largest frustrations are here) in terms of UX, web services, and the like:

chart of accounts, or contact management.

Any thoughts on prioritiing these?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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