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Re: Proposal regarding 1.6

On Sun, Oct 11, 2015 at 04:56:46PM +0200, Chris Travers wrote:

> financial rewrite never seems to go the way I would like it to.

I am not sure what the "financial rewrite" is (echoing Erik).

> We have at least one important feature slated for 1.6, and that is the
> multi-currency improvements Erik has been working on.  I would like to

Being in the US, I am not much concerned with FX processing.  The issue
does always capture my attention, I guess because of its seeming simplicity.
In a bookkeeping sense, it is straight forward.  Achieving satisfaction 
across varied use scenarios is more interesting.

I have not heard much about  Erik's plan.

> suggest we [...] finish App::LedgerSMB::Admin
> and App::LedgerSMB::Admin::Web, [...]  replace the current
> setup.pl.

> add a setup wizard and add user
> management functions to the web interface.  
> [add] ability to manage multiple LedgerSMB instances from one console, better
> command line management, and restful interfaces for core administrative
> functions.

> move to dojo there and start a  2.x branch of this.

> I would also like to suggest we look closely at [...]
> chart of accounts, or contact management.
> Any thoughts on prioritiing these?

All the above is good.

Unit costing/pricing beyond currency precision is first on my
list (mentioned somewhere in this thread).

Chart of accounts versus contact management.  I'd go with CoA first--it is 
core accounting.  Contact management is something people will work around 
without much thought. 


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