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Releasing 1.5.0-beta1?

Hi all,

A lot of work went into 1.5 over the past months. This weekend Chris and I resolved the last issues which were marked as blockers (except for 1 "minor" blocker which I'm working on right now).

I'd like to release 1.5.0-beta1 next weekend. Comments?

At this point, 1.5 has everything in 1.4 and more:

*** Faster page building ****
While most of these are technical changes, there are several changes which mean a better user experience: Since LedgerSMB is now a single-page Dojo application, page building shows less flicker and generally feels quicker (faster).

*** Non-destructive error reporting ***
Another improvement users will probably like is that errors show in popups instead of replacing the existing document. Due to our current use of Dojo, fields on a page get reset when using the back button, requiring users to re-enter all data. With the error popup, the popup can be closed with all data still on the underlying page. Data can be corrected and submission retried.

The full list of technical changes:

UI changes:
* LedgerSMB now frameless (ChrisT)
* Full use of Dojo widgets (ErikH)
* Error reporting in popup window (ErikH)

Code Cleanup:
* LedgerSMB now relies on plack.  Previous stub scripts removed (ChrisT)
* Removed LedgerSMB's custom dojo page loader (ErikH)
* Cleanup and improvements due to new QA requirements (ErikH+ChrisT)

API Enhancements:
* Moved a great deal of code into PGObject framework on CPAN (Chris T)

Quality assurance:
* Assurance of completeness of 'use'-tested source files (ErikH)
* Extended 'use'-tests to cover full set of source files (ErikH)
* New tests validating source code requirements, such as (ErikH)
  - Reject code using certain modules (Data::Dumper, Carp::Always, ...)
  - Reject code which doesn't meet certain formatting
  - Reject code which uses certain constructs



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