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Re: Fumble Finger Protection

Hi Bob,

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 1:41 AM, Bob Crandell <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi Guys,

Some of our invoices get kind of long so it is annoying when we type the wrong thing in a lookup field and get a message that says, "Error! This is not on file? path/filename Line 148".  Sometimes the Back button works.  When it doesn't we have to start over again.

Correct. Pretty annoying.

May I suggest that with the "Not on file" message give the opportunity to add it (Part, Service Customer, Vendor, etc) or Cancel and go back to the screen we just came from.

Well, you were not the only one annoyed by it :-)  [I was too, myself] Your request has been heard and in 1.5, your invoice will be processed asynchronously, displaying the result only on success; in case of failure, a window will pop up notifying you of the failure to process the request. The pop up window can be dismissed and you're back in the invoice-with-errors so you can correct the errors.

Unfortunately, the change is pretty huge, so we can't backport it to 1.4. However, we're working hard to make 1.5 available soon (within the next 6 months).

Thanks for doing such a good job.

You're welcome. Please do continue providing your feedback. We can only get better!



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