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Re: Code formatting discussion/proposal

On 11.07.2015 18:04, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hmm. But isn't WordPress just one example of a project that uses PHP5?
> Aren't there lots of other projects that use different PHP5 code
> formatting rules (if any)? Maybe you didn't mean to say what I think you
> did, but like with PHP5, there are loads of Perl projects which use
> different formatting. I know of some projects that enforce it through
> 'perltidy'. But even if we go with 'perltidy', there are millions of
> ways to configure 'perltidy'.

All I'm saying is pick a strong project as your own base, whatever it 
is, and just regularly rebase your minor project-specific tweaks against 
a broader base to benefit from the "free" work done upstream. If any 
such quality base is available. I don't know Perl situation at all, 
since most of my work has been Py and PHP.

What's Perl's equivalent of PHP_CodeSniffer?

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