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Re: Code formatting discussion/proposal

On 06.07.2015 13:04, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm going through our code quite randomly at the moment while
> investigating the multi-currency changes.
> What stands out at me is that we have:
>   * different indenting methods (tabs vs spaces)
>   * different intenting styles (2,  3, 4+ spaces)
>   * different widths: 80 on most files, but I've seen anything above too
>   * single vs double underscores as separators in tokens
>   * etc
> I'm sorry, but it's starting to disturb me (quite a bit). So, here's my
> proposal:

Without going through all of the replies yet, I'd like to recommend 
standing on some giant's shoulders with this and I mean using a standard 
that's maintained by a bigger body (this is always going to be in 
movement and requires attention) and has a well-maintained 
IDE-integration implementation available for fully automated checking 
and processing.

WordPress-based example:


which works on top of more generic PHP tokenizer system 

I'm definitely never looking back towards anything weaker.

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