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Re: Code formatting discussion/proposal

Hi Michael,

On Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 4:49 PM, Michael Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:

Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
    > I'm sorry, but it's starting to disturb me (quite a bit). So, here's my
    > proposal:

    > * We remove all tabs from the code base in one huge commit (except for
    > Makefile)

Yes, and nuke trailing whitespace too.

    > * From there on, we watch out not to add new tabs to the code
    > base (add a test case?)  * We choose a single intenting style - and
    > create .emacs and vimrc examples for peolpe to use with our project;

Yes, but commit that to the tree.

Ok. I'll create proposed emacs and vim file fragments and put those in the tree under tools/

    > publish those on ledgersmb.org * We settle on either 80 or 132
    > character-width per file and reformat all files which are over the
    > chosen maximum;
    --> With emacs starting up at 80 characters width, I'm all for 80
    --> characters

That's fine, but I propose that the reformat occurs only because the file
got touched.

    > essays: "Let's ...." and "We ..." are to be avoided; Example from the
    > payments code: "We want to set a gl_description" Should be written as:
    > "Set the gl_description"

I find that to be a useless comment if the function is called
"set_gl_dscription()"...  if the "We want to set..." continues on the explain
what one is, and when it should be set, then I'm for that.

Completely agreed.

Other comments incorporated in http://ledgersmb.org/community-guide/community-guide/development/coding-guidelines/perl-coding-guidelines ; thanks for the feedback!



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