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Re: 1.4.12 -- can not add company contacts

Hi Michael,

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 1:07 AM, Michael Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:

I understand that in 1.4, all contacts (vendors, suppliers, employees)
are managed through "Contacts".

That's correct. There are two types of contacts: "Companies"(legal entities) and "Persons"(natural persons)
I see two button at the top of Add Contact: Company/Person.
That's how it should be. Extra tabs will be offered after you save the Company or Person.

But, even selecting "Company", under Class, I only see "Employee"
That's incomplete. I'm seeing (in https://demo.cloud.efficito.com/erp/1.4/): Vendor, Customer, Employee, Contact, Referral, Hot lead, Cold lead.

Apparently, something went wrong, but it's hard to imagine what...

If you create a new company database, are all the other types listed?

If I go ahead and try to create a company, I'm asked on the next page
for all sorts of person-related info.
Given that the selection was Employee, that's to be expected, I guess. It's a bug though, because I can't imagine "Employee" to be a role to be fulfilled by a legal entity.

I suspect that this is a missing migration that would have added the
additional classes.

The other classes are created in the same SQL statement in Pg-database.sql as the other classes. Can you send the content of the table "entity_class"? If it contains the result of:

INSERT INTO entity_class (id,class) 
VALUES (1,'Vendor'),
       (7,'Hot Lead'),
       (8,'Cold Lead');

Then something else is wrong...



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