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data import

Hello all,

Sometime ago Chris asked someone to move their data import support
request here to the devel list instead of user.

Not having seen that happen, I am asking.  I will be glad to share
my modules and scripts with lsmb.  Perl and DBI are the primary tools.

My intention is to create a process that can teardown and rebuild
a lsmb database until satisfaction results.  This will be limited to
basic transaction sales/purchasing ar/ap and inventory.

I plan to start with the static info of inventory.


Is some import file type preferred?  If so, aim me at a module; I'm
for simplicity, but being provincial (USA), fear I may short change 
those with translations, forex, or just another language.

Is it safe to ignore 'assembly', 'mfg_lot_item', 'mfg_lot' and 

Should there be a link for each 'parts' through 'partstax' to each
gl 'account' that should be in the dropdown for tax account?  

Are there triggers or functions I should be using?


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