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Removal of frames in 1.5, what there is left to do

Hi everyone;

Frames have been removed in master.  This helps us move forward quite a bit, but it means that we are no longer doing graceful degradation of _javascript_ functionality.  It also means that our tabbed interfaces are currnetly broken because they are instantiated by other scripts than the Loader.  The only two workflows affected there are the contact and coa entry workflows.

I would like to have a second script which loads and instantiates LSMB widgets, but before we go that far we need to take a step back and evaluate how we want to do these interfaces.  My preference is not to fix the breakage yet, and instead redo these interfaces in a more service-oriented way.  Before we go there, I want to finish up on the next gen admin tool.

You can test master using starman (starman tools/starman.psgi) and then connecting to localhost:5000/login.pl

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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