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Plan for financial rewrite

Hi everyone,

I expect to be starting the financial rewrite in earnest in about a month or so.  I expect this to take a few steps:

1.  Journals and Financial Reports (this will be the longest step I expect)
2.  AR/AP invoices without inventory + interest generation (and associated reports)
3.  AR/AP invoices with inventory + manufacturing (cogs, etc)
4.  Payments
5.  Reconciliation

I will probably remove pgold (the successor to DBObject for compatibility reasons) shortly after this.

On each section, I expect to start by sending out a description of where I see our current problems, shortcomings, etc. and the workflows I want to support.  I will send this out I expect at least a week or two before I get started on any section.  The idea is to help ensure we get proper workflows supported at every step of the way.  If I have time, I may throw in moving parts onto the new framework.

This will all be done in a feature branch.  I expect the final merge to remove a few thousand lines of code from our code count.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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