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Re: git/dvcs concept questions regarding identifying a baseline branch

> So we are going to be supporting multiple stable branches.
> One problem that is likely to come up is that different branches may
> require subtly different bug fixes.  Obviously bugfixes will mostly be
> done
> in feature branches and merged back in.
> My concern though is that this requires a stable baseline from which to
> work.  But in this case, fixes for 1.3 may not be applicable to 1.4.
> How is this supposed to work?  If we merge in a feature branch, won't it
> pull all changes from the baseline branch in as well?  Granted the places
> I
> know that use git internally and have advice to give only have one stable
> branch so this is a feature, not a bug, but that isn't us.
> So what's the best way to define our baseline?  With svn, we defined our
> baseline as trunk and merged backward, but that doesn't work without a
> whole lot of work.  And if we branch from oldest applicable, then any
> changes made to refactored code in newer branches will cause problems.  So
> wondering what people recommend.
keep using svn or a git-svn we need a 'trunk'.

just my 2 cents.


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