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git/dvcs concept questions regarding identifying a baseline branch

So we are going to be supporting multiple stable branches.

One problem that is likely to come up is that different branches may require subtly different bug fixes.  Obviously bugfixes will mostly be done in feature branches and merged back in.

My concern though is that this requires a stable baseline from which to work.  But in this case, fixes for 1.3 may not be applicable to 1.4.

How is this supposed to work?  If we merge in a feature branch, won't it pull all changes from the baseline branch in as well?  Granted the places I know that use git internally and have advice to give only have one stable branch so this is a feature, not a bug, but that isn't us.

So what's the best way to define our baseline?  With svn, we defined our baseline as trunk and merged backward, but that doesn't work without a whole lot of work.  And if we branch from oldest applicable, then any changes made to refactored code in newer branches will cause problems.  So wondering what people recommend.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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