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Preparing for the 1.4 release: triaging open bugs

Hi all,

In order to get closer to a 1.4 release, I'd like us to discuss open 1.4 bugs and triage them into two groups: blocking and non-blocking.

The issues in the blocking group define the release in the sense that a release cannot ship with those bugs -- that could be due to the fact that major functionality is broken or it's a bad first impression. Non-blocking issues will be fixed in the course of the 1.4 release cycle, but need not block the release in the sense that if it concerns broken functionality, this is not "core" functionality which can be fixed after the release without causing problems for the majority of users.

Do you think this is useful as well? If so, my proposed approach is that I classify outstanding 1.4 tickets into these two categories. Then I send that as a proposal to the -devel list where we can discuss.




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