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Re: Error updating an old transaction

On 10/04/2014 17:14, Lyle wrote:
On 10/04/2014 16:11, Chris Travers wrote:

I remember in lsmb 1.2 I had to run some code to enable old transactions to be updated. Is that this case in 1.3?

Right.  You can re-enable this by granting DELETE permissions on acc_trans.


For anyone wondering the commands are:

grant delete on acc_trans to lsmb_cosmicnetworks__ap_transaction_create;
grant delete on acc_trans to lsmb_cosmicnetworks__ar_transaction_create;
grant delete on ar to lsmb_COMPANYNAME__ar_transaction_create;
grant delete on ap to lsmb_COMPANYNAME__ap_transaction_create;

Out of interest. From a grep I couldn't determine where it decides what role is in use for a particular transaction. Where can I find that code?

I'm also having issues when I Post as Shown rather than Post as Saved. It just hangs and eventually times out. Nothing in the PostgreSQL log. When this happens I can't post anything, although I can read... it's like a table is locked up or something. Restarting PostgreSQL fixes the issue... as long as I don't press Post as Shown again.


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