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Branching 1.4?


Over the past months, we have been stabilizing the 1.4 release on trunk. Lots of stabilization has happened so far. Working with 1.4 last week to close Efficito's books, some more bugs were uncovered in payments (and fixed), but all in all, bug reports are diminishing. That's the reason I'd like to propose we branch 1.4 now.

Branching 1.4 now doesn't mean we think it's done right now. However, branching would mean - as far as I'm concerned - all of the following:

 * We want to separate further stabilization from potentially destabilizing work
 * We call 1.4 feature complete and only backport fixes to 1.4 and 1.3 for functionality that's already there
 * We want to start considering things we commit to 1.4 with extra care now, ensuring that every commit adds to 1.4's stability

This would mean that any functionality that's not currently in trunk, which we'd want to make available to 1.4, will have to be placed in add-ons.

Another reason to make this step, is because I noted that we're seeing regressions caused within the 1.3 series on newer 1.3 releases. This means to me that the 1.3 line is starting to get end-of-life as in that it can't be further fixed without breaking existing functionality. To that extent, it seems to be time to make sure we get to the release of 1.4 (and work on 1.5), freeing us of some of the code base that's now causing us problems and regressions.

What are your comments?



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