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Re: LSMB with Pg 9 3, Apache 2.4, Perl 5.18 ?

On 16/03/14 01:22, Chris Travers wrote:

On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 6:06 PM, Benedict White <..hidden..> wrote:

On 16/03/14 00:54, Chris Travers wrote:

On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 10:31 AM, Benedict White <..hidden..> wrote:
I get a message saying Module::Plugable will be removed from later versions of Perl so should be installed from CPAN, not that it has been removed yet.

What happens if you install this from CPAN?  Moose has a tendency of turning warnings into hard exceptions so it could be the reason for the failure.  If that fixes it, we just need to add it to the dependencies.
OK, running the command perl LedgerSMB/PGDate.pm returns no output (So I presume works) whereas
running perl LedgerSMB/PGNumber.pm  returns:

Subroutine from_input redefined at LedgerSMB/PGNumber.pm line 111.
Subroutine to_output redefined at LedgerSMB/PGNumber.pm line 177.
Subroutine from_db redefined at LedgerSMB/PGNumber.pm line 224.
Subroutine to_db redefined at LedgerSMB/PGNumber.pm line 234.

So if your right about Moose then that may be the problem, I still get the error:


Unable to open script: LedgerSMB::Scripts::setup : : syntax error at LedgerSMB/DBObject_Moose.pm line 21, near "use LedgerSMB::MooseTypes

That's weird.  Could you send me your LedgerSMB::DBObject_Moose.pm?

Is this from svn or beta 5? 

It was beta 5, and adding the semi colon worked! Now get:

Database Management Console

Superuser Credentials

So that's progress!

I will start playing with it tomorrow.

Would it be better to get 1.4 from svn, if so are there any special instructions?I've been looking at missing dependencies and found some,

CGI::Emulate::PSGI                     Not in
FCGI::ProcManager                    Not in
IO::String                                   Not In

(I've already fixed the above) and:
Plack::App::CGIBin                     Not in
Plack::Builder                             Not in
Plack::Middleware::Static            Not in
Devel::Trace                               Not in   

Now I haven't fixed these yet, Plack has cascading dependencies which may also cascade so wondered how often the file which mentions it is called it is:


Also any thoughts on the above missing dependencies?

Kind regards

Benedict White
(Off to bed at 1.30.... which is now here!)