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Re: LedgerSMB addons from "baby" to "teenager".

OK Everyone,

A week ago I said I would post this link, I finally have managed to find an old copy of it and push it up to a server.

If you have a look HERE you will find an instance of the system and some old addon's and things that I originally built the system for.

This link 0-Addons goes straight to the description for the first addon, which is the addon system it's self.
from there you will find a link to the PHP source and the description files that were used to display the full list.

The idea was that anyone could create an addon, or even a howto and submit it complete with description file or just a description file if the addon will be hosted elsewhere (or is just a howto contained in the description)

The system was not intended to directly alter LSMB or the installed software, rather it provided a way for people to find out what was available, and links to the required files and instructions etc.

The roadmap included means of tracking what addons were installed by each addon maintaining a mandatory state file in a specified location.

I kept it separate from the database so it could be set up on a different server, or as in this case a public web server.
Obviously if it is not running on the same server as LSMB state information (ie: installed or not and version installed) is not as easy to show, but that can of course be resolved if the DB or webserver is contactable from the system running "Addons"

The choice of PHP was for legacy reasons, and if it was to be used as a starting point it really should be rewritten as Perl to make it easier for the community to maintain.

David Godfrey

On 01/04/12 01:13, Håvard Sørli wrote:
Continue irc discussion:

"<ehu> basically our plug-in infrastructure is still in its baby ages"

Can we grow up? Can we do better ?   Yes we can...

Can we make some "best practises" for a addon  ?

- some way to keep track of witch addons is installed
   name and version
- witch file(s) each plug in brings.

-type of minimum documentation for a addon
   - how to enable them, (install, setup - general )
     and for each addon (if something is special)
   - how to use the features in each.
   - What they do - Some sort of a  "Plugin directory"
     "<ehu> with some screen shots and short feature descriptions"

- The upgrade/setup.pl script need to take care of some kind of blocking 
if the addons does not have the right version
(Like Firefox plug-ins, Upgrade of Firefox - blocks old plug-in - if not 
compatible )

Comments ?


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