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PGObject::Simple::Role 1.0 to be out shortly

Hi all;

Tomorrow I am planning on releasing PGObject::Simple::Role 1.0.  It will be 1.0 because I think I am ready to make API stability guarantees with it going forward.

Combined with other modules in the PGObject namespace, this is a framework which offers a significant superset of our current database functionality.  The PGObject::Simple approach is 100% compatible with our current approach to writing stored procedures, and it has many advanced features not present in LedgerSMB's db interface system including running aggregate support (handy for running totals), and much more.

I would highly recommend that people look at using this framework for further add-ons for LedgerSMB, and for any Perl projects that involve interoperation with LSMB stored procedures.  After this release I also expect to be starting to do some outreach regarding this framework as well.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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