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LedgerSMB addons from "baby" to "teenager".

Continue irc discussion:

"<ehu> basically our plug-in infrastructure is still in its baby ages"

Can we grow up? Can we do better ?   Yes we can...

Can we make some "best practises" for a addon  ?

- some way to keep track of witch addons is installed
  name and version
- witch file(s) each plug in brings.

-type of minimum documentation for a addon
  - how to enable them, (install, setup - general )
    and for each addon (if something is special)
  - how to use the features in each.
  - What they do - Some sort of a  "Plugin directory"
    "<ehu> with some screen shots and short feature descriptions"

- The upgrade/setup.pl script need to take care of some kind of blocking if the addons does not have the right version (Like Firefox plug-ins, Upgrade of Firefox - blocks old plug-in - if not compatible )

Comments ?