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Any other particularly urgent bugs for 1.3.38?

Hi everyone;

I have cleared out all the 1.3 bugs prior to 1017.  In the interest of keeping the changelog manageable, I will be shifting my own effort to 1.4 at this point.   If there are reasons to see any of the existing reports as particularly urgent I will get to them as well.   If other committers want to fix other bugs, I that's fine too, but I need to switch emphasis at some point and this seems like the best point.

A few of the bugs I have fixed probably affected at least 1.2 if not all the way back to SQL-Ledger.  Many more are apparently relatively minor UX improvements.

I still have to commit the LedgerSMB::Request partial backport to 1.3, but after this I would like to tighten up UX requirements, and include uninformative error messages (except for access denied) as bugs to be fixed (fixes would be broken down between UX improvements and bug fixes at that point).

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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