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Design/requirements for import of invoice input

Hi all,

Quite possibly I'll be building an enhancement to LedgerSMB which should support the following use-case.

The user invoices his customers on a regular interval. The invoices are partly based on volume data recorded in a production system. To improve the quality of the invoices as well as the efficiency of this process, the user wants to import the volume data from the other system into LedgerSMB, adding the data to one of the next invoices to be created for each customer.

My idea is to draw up an XML (or other structured) format which can be imported into a new table in the database. This table would hold all information "ever imported", with links to the invoices on which the information has been included.

Then, the invoice screen would be enhanced with a button to import the data relevant to the customer(account) for which the invoice is being created. And a new search screen would be created to find which data is attached to which invoice and which data hasn't been attached to an invoice yet.

Now, while I can create this enhancement, I'm interested in finding out what requirements others would have that I may be able to satisfy if I know of them in advance.

Have you wanted to import data into LedgerSMB to create invoices from? If so, what solutions have you applied so far? Could the description for the enhancement above be a (partial) solution to your problem at hand? In the description above, what might be missing to address your process (better)?

And last, but also very important: do you think I should have sent this mail to the users mailing list?



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