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Re: sql/upgrade/1.2-1.4.sql patches

> Here are a coupple of patches for 1.2-1.4.sql.
> The file 1.2-1.4.sql-2fixes.patch fixes what I think are 2 bugs one is
> missing () around a statement that contains an END and the other was a
> problem i encountered with a new column barcode being in the makemodel
> table.
> The second patch 1.2-1.4.sql-turtles.patch is what I have had to do a
> manual upgrade (so far) and is not submitted for the project. Its just a
> reference hopefully to save someone manually upgrading 1.2 - 1.4 some
> time.
> One thing in there that may be of interest to someone upgrading or
> desiring with duplicate partnumbers is that I looked into why
> parts.partnumber had a unique constraint and found it was only an index to
> speed up searching?
> So in patch 1.2-1.4.sql-turtles.patch I drop the parts index and rebuild
> it as a regular one not a unique one before parts are imported. I don't
> think this is an issue however it would be good to confirm.
> Why support duplicate parts? A user can have two parts with the same
> partnumber using different parts groups or case so I did not feel like
> renaming thousands of somebodies duplicate part numbers :)
> Hope this helps
> Cheers
> Turtle

Oops the code did not make it into the patch here is the sql for allowing
duplicate partnumbers:

DROP INDEX parts_partnumber_index_u ;
CREATE INDEX parts_partnumber_index_u ON parts (partnumber)
WHERE obsolete is false;