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Translation does not work in some cases



I expected that, this sentence did not translated, whatever I did:

All prices in [_1]

It exists in the hu.po:

#: templates/demo_with_images/invoice.html:222 templates/demo/invoice.html:222
#: templates/xedemo/invoice.html:222
msgid "All prices in [_1]"
msgstr "A megadott árak [_1]ban értendők"

Somehow, the "invoice.tex" does not exist in the hu.po as reference. Other texts translated well.

Any idea? The problem could be the [_1] and the parameter itself?

Here is the occurence:



\hfill <?lsmb text('All prices in [_1]', currency) ?>


\textbf{<?lsmb text('Notes') ?> }