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Printing system - alternative proposal for pdf output


I am a little bit frustrating to get full utf-8 pdf output support from lsmb

I am able to use xedemo templates with xelatex, here are my experiences:

I made a little research around the following topic: how to create pdf from html, with utf-8 support. After checking some theories (cups-pdf, html2ps), I found the following:

It is fast, supports utf-8, just works in one comfortable step.

So, my proposal is to consider implementing an alternative pdf output, using wkhtmltopdf. The source is the html template but the output is pdf in one quick step. The result is really fine, except it is necessary to edit almost all of the layouts, because surprisingly I found that, html layouts needs serious changes to get good result.

Check the attachement, it is an example. It still needs some adjustment, due to the wrong html template.




Attachment: invoice.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document