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Re: tentative notes working with 1.4

On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 4:46 AM, Nigel Titley <..hidden..> wrote:
On 22/08/2013 06:18, Chris Travers wrote:
> Hi everyone;
> At this point both Efficito and 2ndQuadrant SE Asia are using 1.4 for
> internal operations.  I feel comfortable with this since as problems
> come up I can fix them.
> I have noticed that a lot of things work very well, and a few things
> do not.  The contact screen needs some work, and the order/quotation
> system has a number of obscure and sometimes hard to track down bugs.
>  This being said, in general I find it easier and smoother to use than
> 1.3 is, and with fewer hard corners than when we released it.  I don't
> think it is ready for production by general users use yet.  I want a
> bit more time of actual use in production.
> This being said, if anyone does want to use it for production, I am
> willing to offer support for it at present.  I would recommend testing
> workflows first and addressing bugs found before putting it into
> production (I can help with this).  At present I have found no
> accounting or data problems, just some workflow difficulties.  Given
> the sorts of changes made, currently I do not foresee many (or even
> any) 1.4-specific data problems.  Those areas where changes were made,
> we added a *lot* of test cases.
I'm seriously thinking of leaping direct from 1.2 to 1.4 without the
distraction of 1.3 in the middle. Is this likely to be possible? My
staff have been testing 1.3 intermittantly and don't think the benefits
outweigh the downside at the moment. Is it worth me getting them to
start testing 1.4 instead?

1.2 to 1.4 is a supported upgrade path.  It will likely be the last supported upgrade path from 1.2.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers 


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Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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