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tentative notes working with 1.4

Hi everyone;

At this point both Efficito and 2ndQuadrant SE Asia are using 1.4 for internal operations.  I feel comfortable with this since as problems come up I can fix them.

I have noticed that a lot of things work very well, and a few things do not.  The contact screen needs some work, and the order/quotation system has a number of obscure and sometimes hard to track down bugs.  This being said, in general I find it easier and smoother to use than 1.3 is, and with fewer hard corners than when we released it.  I don't think it is ready for production by general users use yet.  I want a bit more time of actual use in production.

This being said, if anyone does want to use it for production, I am willing to offer support for it at present.  I would recommend testing workflows first and addressing bugs found before putting it into production (I can help with this).  At present I have found no accounting or data problems, just some workflow difficulties.  Given the sorts of changes made, currently I do not foresee many (or even any) 1.4-specific data problems.  Those areas where changes were made, we added a *lot* of test cases.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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