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Layering of modules: Util.sql vs Settings.sql

Hi Chris,

Just today, I'm noticing that the lsmb__role() and lsmb__role_prefix() functions I added to Util.sql, depend on a function located in Settings.sql. This raises the question which module should be "the lowest level" in the module layering system.

Settings.sql doesn't seem to depend on any other module, not even Util.sql. However, if I move these two functions to the end of Settings.sql, where they could arguably belong as well, this interdependency would be resolved. Where do you feel these two functions belong?

Either way, both Settings.sql and Util.sql seem to be logical dependencies of any of the other modules; this question is prompted by the fact that functions seem to be required to exist in order to  be used -- which is why I asked the question in the first paragraph in the first place. Do you have a layering design in mind? (Or maybe you already implemented it, but it's not explicitly documented anywhere?)

Should both Settings.sql and Util.sql be loaded right at the beginning of LOADORDER?