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Re: Proposal: More intuitive UI for Customer/Vendor screens

>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> writes:
    Erik> Working with the Customer/Vendor interfaces for a while now,
    Erik> I've been 
    Erik> thinking how to improve it -- make it more intuitive.

It is rather complex right now, and I think that it needs a "KISS" flag
to turn off even some of the complexity we have right now.  

I can understand that there are things which can not even be expressed
now, but it might be easier to deal with the more complex things if we 
do not try to cater to both Expert and Basic uses.

    Erik> Attached I've drawn a layout which I think fits better with
    Erik> the model that 
    Erik> our UI already supports.

So Addresses live inside Accounts.

Great, 95% of users likely only ever have one account per vendor, so in
that canonical case, it would be nice if that outer Account box could

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