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Re: Installing 1.3 on Debian

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 5:58 AM, Nigel Titley <..hidden..> wrote:
> I decided to try installing 1.3.25 from scratch on a virgin debian
> squeeze installation yesterday, using the Ubuntu installation notes as a
> guide.
> Things largely went smoothly. Many of the required CPAN modules are
> available as part of the standard Debian distribution.

   I've added the other needed Perl modules into Debian;  they're
available in wheezy and sid.  (I've not attempted to get them back
ported to squeeze...)

> I think the only
> one that I had to install via CPAN was the Perl::Latex module.

   But I'm not sure which Perl module you're referring to there...
   Note that the package uses libtemplate-plugin-latex-perl and
texlive-latex-recommended for the LaTex related requirements...

Robert J. Clay