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Installing 1.3 on Debian

I mentioned this on IRC yesterday but I'll email it as a more permanent record

I decided to try installing 1.3.25 from scratch on a virgin debian squeeze installation yesterday, using the Ubuntu installation notes as a guide.

Things largely went smoothly. Many of the required CPAN modules are available as part of the standard Debian distribution. I think the only one that I had to install via CPAN was the Perl::Latex module.

I had three issues:

1. The documented problem with Perl::Latex (which I haven't yet fixed, but have no issues with sorting out) 2. A rather difficult to track down problem which gave an error message about a missing db password in the log when I ran setup.pl. This turned out to be caused by the instruction in the Ubuntu guide for localising the apache configuration file. If followed to the letter this results in a line

alias /ledgersmb /usr/local/ledgersmb/

in the config file which results in the mod_rewrite authentication expression not matching and so no authentication being passed through (I think). Editing the line to

alias /ledgersmb /usr/local/ledgersmb

fixed that problem

3. A locale issue, which is obviously known about as I saw comments in the Ledgersmb.pm on it which prevented new company databases being created. My locale is en_GB and this prevents a database being set up with UTF8 encoding. The fix for this is to shut down postgres, delete the database cluster and re-run initdb with the locale set to en_GB.UTF-8

After this, everything seemed to go ok and I'm now testing again