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Re: Move to git?

John Locke <mail@...> writes:
>  Clone from: git://git.freelock.com/git/ledgersmb.git

Happily, despite independent origins, John's git-svn repository and my
own arrive at identical SHA1 identifiers for the current trunk (master)
commit, including SVN metadata. I wasn't sure this would be the case.
The fact that it is so is a testament to the quality of git-svn's
accuracy in addressing revisions by content.

I propose that Chris Travers:

- create a (free) github organization "ledgersmb"
- a repository "ledgersmb" within, 
- provide John Locke organization access to clone his repository
  and (git) mirror his existing git-svn mirroring automation there.

The github organization is a future-looking resource, and one that
would be used today as a canonical clone source for ledgersmb's git

Once this is in place:

A README.git-svn would be committed documenting use of this
repository, noting the canonical subversion repository, and listing
procedures to commit for ledgersmb committers, or git-format-patch for
non-committing contributors. Github's issue tracker and pull requests
would be explicitly marked as not for use.