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Poll: Which other languages to support first?

Hi all;

I have just put up a poll on language bindings or development environments folks would like to see supported.  I'd like to give folks an idea of my thinking behind each of these reasons and a chance to discuss the options and perhaps add more.  Again, anyone who would like to take on the actual work for any of these, I would be more than happy to help out a bit.

 PHP:  This might be a good way to get e-commerce stuff and shopping carts added.
 Python:  Python is a popular platform and there might be a lot of input we could get there.
 Lisp:  Lisp has a great reputation among certain groups of programmers.  It may be a good way to help attract top-tier talent to some things we are doing.
 Ruby:  Ruby has huge mindshare.  This would not be Rails bindings of course but just a Ruby gem designed to provide query mapping services.
 Java:  Larger businesses may be happier if we have Java bindings.
 LUA:  Make it even easier to customize workflow-wise.

Any thoughts?  feel free to vote at http://ledgersmb.org/polls/which-other-programming-language-bindingsenvironments-would-you-most-see-supported

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers