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Next Debian upload for LedgerSMB?

On Fri, 2012-06-29 at 10:28 -0400, Robert James Clay wrote:
> I did get a start on packaging 1.3.19 (which has both upstream & debian
> related fixes) but ran into an issue with packaging for an upstream
> change that I haven't had time to resolve.

  That change is the one for the new (with v1.3.19) css file system
configuration variable ("$fs_cssdir"), which I could not get to work.
(I also had some issues with my test systems, though, that I've since
resolved.)  Now that I've merged the 1.3.18-2 Debian package changes,
I'll get back to working on that issue again. Once that's been resolved,
I'll go on to work on packaging v1.3.20 and it'll be at least that
version (along with v1.3.19) that will in the next Debian upload.

>     I'm thinking now of going back and doing a 1.3.18-2 package, which
> would include the debconf templates & related changes as well as a fix
>  for a debian/watch issue. 

  That ended up including 13 debconf (package configuration system)
translations, and has now migrated to Debian Testing. (Hasn't been
picked up by Ubuntu as yet, though...)

RJ Clay