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Re: Web services revisited

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    Chris> Hi all;

    Chris> I am just about to start on  a web services wrapper for 1.4.
    Chris> Reviewing the past discussions on this, I want to just submit my
    Chris> proposal for review before I get started.  What I expect to start on
    Chris> is very simple.

    Chris> URL would be of the format of:

    Chris> [lsmb_base_url]/rest/company_name/[major version]/[top level
    Chris> object][/id][/resourcetype/][.extension]?argstring

[major version] should start with a letter, probably "v", not just be a number.
It's estetic, but I found it useful. e.g:

rather than

    Chris> "rest" would be a reserved word and not usable for any later part of
    Chris> the API.  I.e. it can never be a valid object name, resource type, id,
    Chris> or object class name.  We'd use it to automatically determine where
    Chris> the path starts.

We need this because the "base_url" might be arbitrarily long, and we
don't want to configure it into the code?

    Chris> The payload would then be handed off to the format handler and reset
    Chris> as a hashref returned from the from_input routine.

This all sounds great to me.
I like that the input/output is seperated, should make for every nice
unit testing.

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