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Re: Web services revisited

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    Chris> actually look at examples, it is clear that this *is* simpler.  In
    Chris> your proposal we have something like:

    Chris> ledgersmb?a=get_customer&id=23&format=xml&company=mycompany

    Chris> The same would be a GET request to:
    Chris> ledgersmb/rest/1.4/mycompany/customer/23.xml

To add... the query string stuff is:
 1) never cacheable (Queries are never supposed to be cached, the API
    can never control it.)
 2) easily confused with a POST, or URL-encode parameters
 3) has no clear ordering of values

That's why RESTful stuff prefers to just use URLs the way they are.
It's also a THOUSAND times easier to test client with a URL like the one
chris shows, as, you can just make a file on a static server with that name,
and just use it.

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