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Re: Web services revisited

Hi, Chris,

One forgotten method, on the object controllers, realized on IRC:

On 05/21/2012 04:44 AM, Chris Travers wrote:
Each top-level class would need to provide the following methods:

* GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT would handle cases where no resourcetype
is present.  Typically this would be search, retrieve, or post
* One method for each resourcetype, suffixed optionally with _GET,
_POST, _DELETE, or _PUT.  If a suffixed method does not exist, the
resourcetype name would be used as the method name.

... We need an INDEX handler.

GET would presumably get an individual resource, using an internal id guaranteed to be unique. Index would return a collection of resources, and would accept a variety of search parameters, presumably sent via GET parameters.

The Index handler should get called when a request comes in via GET, with no unique identifier in the URL.

This would also apply to resourcetype sub-handlers...

e.g. possible GET handler:
GET /rest/1.0/my_company/ar_transactions/43353

Possible Index handler:
GET /rest/1.0/my_company/ar_transactions/?invoice_id=N499216
GET /rest/1.0/my_company/ar_transactions/?status=open,closed&customer=customer1

John Locke