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Re: LedgerSMB and nginx

Robert James Clay <jame@...> writes:
> On Mon, 2012-04-02 at 05:58 -0400, Mikkel Høgh wrote:
> > I had a hard time getting LSMB set up, due to its use of old-school CGI,
> >  which is not supported by our webserver of choice, nginx.
>   Have you tried using something like FcgiWrap (fcgiwrap package on
> Debian)?  That's what I use to take the place of Apache on my systems. I
> haven't tried setting it up for use with LedgerSMB, though...
> Jame
> [1] http://nginx.localdomain.pl/wiki/FcgiWrap 

FWIW, I'm very interested in hearing about any successful method of running 
LedgerSMB with Nginx. I've migrated from Apache to Nginx for all uses except 
LedgerSMB at this point, and I'd like to uninstall it. Running Apache on an 
alternate port is workable, but not as efficient as I'd like.

Does anyone have a good pure-perl CGI server that could run LedgerSMB, like 
webmin uses? I'd prefer to use Nginx to proxy requests to such a daemon. I'm not 
concerned with concurrent user performance for these types of deployments.